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"Don't hold this against me
Or take it wrong
It seems like it could be
Some of my fears are gone
And i feel like something's changing
Silently, you're sneaking in on me

I'm open for brilliance and lucky fortune
I'm hoping that you, too,
Are similarly open
And i feel resistance fading
Silently, you're sneaking in on me

And all we wanted was to be wanted
We had to be needed, had to be needed
And all needed was to be needed
We had to be wanted, had to be wanted

Excitement is mounting
And overwhelming me
I'm lacking in direction
And objectivity
And i feel like something's changing
Silently, you're sneaking in on me"
Halou in Halfbreath

Depois de tudo lindo e bom e tal e coiso...
Vou voltar à minha
profissional-land - Castelo de Paiva.

Wish me a good trip...

Até à próxima semana...